Special Assignments

Abu Dhabi Photo Gallery

The pictures show electromagnetic interference, noise and vibration survey in Abu Dhabi.

Hurcules Jet responsible for interference

Mobile lab

Measuring interference on proposed site

Assessing electromagnetic interference from the airbase and using a sound meter
to assess levels of noise interference from a nearby airbase

Simulating lorry driving over a wooden beam for vibration measurements

Measuring impact on steel beam

Analysing electromagnetic interference using spectrum analyser

Using fluxgate magnetometer to measure magnetic field

Using dish to pick up high frequency readings

Equipment Workstation in Cabin
(Right: Vibration, Centre: Electromagnetic Fields, Left: Magnetic Fields)

(S wave 1330m/sec)

The strength of the Helicopter Fly By, in comparison
with the Hover and then simulated take off is evident.

The measured axle spacing is used with time interval
between impacts to reveal vehicle speed of 40km/hr

AUGUSTA 139 Helicopter during hover and fly by trials in alignment
with road opposite cabin measurement position.
Hover at 100 (30m) and fly by at 150 200 (45 60m) altitude

Example of equipment deployment on Cabin Roof

A string of 60 consecutive 1 second samples of Helicopter events including site background. The steps arise because the adjacent 60 second blocks of data are not themselves consecutive. The steady high levels relate to the Helicopter Hovering in a fixed position, whilst the peak events are a simulated take off.

A Helicopter Take Off event compared to background lighter shade

Sample EMI data, with specific antenna and equipment settings